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1. About Program:

Civil Engineers begin their career with the sole but very important role of supervision of construction activities. In fact supervision involves sharpening of skills of every aspect of civil engineering right from Measurement, Interpretation of drawings, Procurement of Materials, Inventory control, Site Management, Contract Administration, HR Management, Quality & Safety adherence including Project Management & Reporting.

It takes more than two years to be able to acquire few of the above competencies. However our Industry Exposure By Industry Experts programme (IE-B-IE), are designed & delivered by industry experts to strengthen your key competencies & organisational skills as an excellent engineers, while empowering you with essential knowledge of industry practices.

It is recommended that final year student and recently passed students must attend the IE-B-IE program to reinforce their core skills before gearing up for taking up a job in industry. This would help them secure better job and attractive pay packages.

Our IE-B-IE program not only prepares the participants to be competent engineer who are sought after in construction industry but also provide a platform where they can network with industry experts and seniors. This would certainly help them while sourcing a job, post completion of their academic program.


a. Basic Engineering Drawings and Measurements

  • What is the significance of mentioning north direction in drawings
  • What is the least count of a given scale
  • How to convert 250 ltr of liquid in to volume of a cylinder
  • What is Plan in engineering terms
  • 1 Cubic meter Volume will have how many bricks of size 9”x4”x3”
  • Can I differentiate in country wood and teak wood

b. Basic Quality of Construction Material

  • How am i going to verify the acceptable quality of bricks
  • How am I going to find silt content of sand
  • Role of Construction Chemicals
  • Do I understand the difference of Ordinary Portland Cement and Pozzolona Portland Cement
  • Do I know the acceptable quality of water for construction and how much water will be required for a given project
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Why compression and tension is developed in concrete

c. Resources

  • how to minimise the idling cost of equipment's
  • How to work out resources for a project
  • How a batching plant functions
  • How much time and manpower is required to erect a tower crane
  • What is the thumb rule for assessing the total manpower required for a project
  • How to decide the project completion

d. Construction Systems/ Functioning

  • What are the enabling activities for a new project
  • How many type of records are kept at site and at what frequency it requires reconciliation
  • What are the core conditions of contract
  • Ready mixed concrete is good for use till how many hours after dispatch
  • Role of construction chemicals
  • Why EMD and SD is required by the clients in all the contracts
  • How to resolve a dispute
  • What is the Bank guaranty/CC limit/OD limit and how much it costs
  • What are the prevailing statutory laws applicable for a construction project

2. Program Structure:
- Classroom - 12 Weeks (90 Days)

Module Topics Days
Module 1 Interpretation of Engineering Drawings and Model of measurements       30 Days
Module 2 Enabling activities at new work site and interpretation of contract documents
Module 3 Latest materials, tools and equipments
Module 4

Latest materials, tools and equipments

Module 5 Statutory requirements like PF, ESI, Labour Laws, Workemn Compensation Act, Arbitration and Conciliation Act
Module 6

Project Management using Primavera and MS Project

Module 7

Construction Quality Assurance

Module 8

Construction site Safety Management

Module 9 Case Study on one focus area
Module 10 Type of contract and scope of work (Specifications & rates)
Module 11 Equipments at site – capacity & output
Module 12 Manpower management at site
Module 13 Quality & Safety procedures prevailing at site
Module 14 Project progress monitoring/ reporting

- On site exposure – 12 Weeks (90 Days)

Explore and complete Record Book on:

  1. Enabling activities at site
  2. Type and quality of available construction materials at site
  3. Type of contract and scope of work (Specifications & rates)
  4. Equipments at site – capacity & output
  5. Records being maintained at site
  6. Manpower management at site
  7. Quality & Safety procedures prevailing at site
  8. Project progress monitoring/ reporting

3. Key Benefits:

  • Every week face to face interaction with industry experts who are going to be employers.
  • Compulsory hands on practice besides expert lectures.
  • Enable you to tune up your brain towards industry expectations.
  • Enhance employment opportunities by becoming industry ready professionals.

4. Program fee:

Program fee-INR: 25,000 (non-residential)

Full fee to be paid at the time of enrollment in programs.
Fee is non refundable /non transferable.
Taxes as Applicable

5. Placement Support:

As you know in India we have a stable government in place. A lot ambitious infrastructure development programs are already announced and it is projected that manpower demand in construction sector will be double by 2020.

The program already launched by govt. are:-
- Housing for all - 7crore houses by 2022
- Toilet for all - 7 crore toilets by 2019
- Bharat mala - 8 lane road around bordering states.
- 100 small cities - each city may be developed in 30 yrs from its commencement.
- Other projects like – High Spectrum, Make in India, Widening of Roads, River Cleaning, Skill Development

It is expected that employment will not be a problem at all for those who understands the application of civil engineering . This program will help & facilitate your placement in many ways, however it is you who has to take initiative & prove your worth:

- During class room training you would come across number of practicing experts. Network with them & source employment.

- During on site exposure your hard work, sincerity & discipline might result in your employment with some companies.

- Post completion of program we arrange 3 interviews in next 3months.

6. Who should attend:

Students - Civil engineering students (Diploma/Degree) in 3rd /4th year who wish to pursue full time three month Internship program. Attending this structure program will enable the participants to keep pace industry practices and make them industry ready.

Fresh Civil Engineer - Fresh civil engineer still searching for employment opportunities may utilize their time by attending this three month course and became better professionals. There are great chances that while they are attending two months on site exposure they may get employed with some company provided they prove their worth. Even if it does not materialize the program has a definite provision of arranging two interviews in subsequent three months post successful completion of this program.

How To Enroll:

Participants can fill the Registration Form from our Downloads section and mail us at isdadelhi@gmail.com