Quality Healthcare

In India people lack access to healthcare services due to increased cost of treatment, lack of doctors and medicines. Almost 65 % of health expenditure is out of pocket, and such expenditures pushing almost 57 million people every year into poverty. ISDA is committed towards improving the health condition of people with special focus on child and maternal malnutrition of community through the preventive and promotional healthcare programs.

Our Interventions:

  • Supplementary Nutrition: Through supplementary nutrition program we are trying to reduced malnourished children and provide additional supplements to pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • Rural Mobile Clinic: By Mobile health services we are trying to reach unreached residents of rural communities. These mobile unit travels to multiple region on a regular schedule for providing screenings and treatment for people having various health conditions.
  • Health Camps: We conduct various general and specialised heath camps in different regions of country to reach maximum people. Focus of these camps is to sensitize the people about health issues, their prevention and cure.
  • Quality Healthcare