Skill Development

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economy growth and social development of the country. In rapidly growing economies like India with a vast and ever-increasing population, the number of underprivileged youths in India who lacks education and proper guidance is humungous. It is not their lack of knowledge that is the reason for this. It is because they do not possess the right skills and attitude. It is crucial for the energy of the underprivileged youth to be channelized properly with proper direction and learning to aid in their economic growth and make them contribute to nation building.

ISDA conducts a large number of entrepreneurship and skill development programmes and has experience of running a wide array of vocational skill development programs.

Our centres are running immersive, practical oriented courses where hands on learning is the basis. These industry designed courses have wide acceptability among recruiters and also provide skills of basic entrepreneurship to the trainees. Every year hundreds of youths are being churned at these vocational training centres which are capable of generating employability for these underprivileged youth.

Focus Areas of the training:

  • Practical based training approach for better placement
  • Soft skill/Life skill training under Employee Engagement
  • Campus Interviews by potential employers
  • Facilitating and developing entrepreneurship
  • Providing employability skills and employment
  • Guest Lecture & Exposure Visit for better understanding.
  • Workshop Training