Women Empowerment

For rural Indian woman, freedom does not just mean those guaranteed under the Constitution. It also means more jobs, opportunities for entrepreneurship, increased safety, ease in day-to-day living, and protection of the girl child. In short, the road to women’s empowerment has several factors dotting its path. To ensure women are empowered, ISDA is playing an important role to enable their welfare in various sectors.

ISDA women’s empowerment project helps women in the slums and villages to form Self Help Groups (SHGs) that help them to save money, access micro credit, engage in different income generation activity and become agents of change in their communities/ villages.

Our Interventions:

  • Training in Tailoring and Handicraft:   Through training in tailoring and handicraft we make women more skilled so that they can start earning their livelihood by stitching clothes or by starting their own boutique.
  • Enterprise development for livelihood:  We encourage and facilitate women to start their own enterprises for livelihood.
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs):   We help in forming Self Help Group so that the women can start saving money, access micro credit and engage in different income generation activities.
  • Women Empowerment